Wednesday, June 26, 2013


It's been a gray couple of days here in Oakland. Rainy days in California are so different from the ones in the Midwest. Though I didn't expect to, I've really missed our Michigan summer storms. There's something so great about dark, brooding skies just before they split open into an awe-inducing torrential downpour. I love that dash to seek shelter, your clothes glued to your body, your hair reduced to a sodden clumps. I love, too, the thunderous crashing outside and the glittering of lightning through the window. I even love when the power goes out and an entire neighborhood is thrust into sudden, startling darkness.

But, no, there aren't thunderstorms like that here in the Bay. There isn't even warm rain. Instead, it has been gray and cold, and there just isn't as much to appreciate about that. Come on, California. Get it together when it comes to your rain.

What I wore to venture out into it, to see the doctor: 

hat: obey ~ jacket: vintage levi's ~ jeans: thrifted ~ sweatshirt: forever 21 ~ boots: urban outfitters

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