Tuesday, November 12, 2013

ASOS Fall Semester Fashions

By Amanda Gareis, ASOS

Back to school fashion means different things to everyone. We’re all big fans of the customary plaid-kilt-and-wooly-sweater look, but once that’s out of your system, you still need something to wear while the weather grows colder, the days get shorter, and you’re still working on making an impression in these first few weeks of school. You want to stay fashion-forward, but there’s something especially nostalgic about fall that brings out the traditional side in all of us Here are three irresistible back to school trends with a traditional twist to get you off to a good start.

Floral Dresses

The leaves may be turning, but you can bring some of summer’s bright blossoms into the fall months with a sweet floral dress. The trend for reviving the best of ‘90s fashion is still on the rise. Floral dresses are a centerpiece of the look, and those pinafore and spaghetti strap styles cry out for layering, which is a plus in these delicious in-between months. T-shirts and slim-fit sweaters underneath give you versatility and warmth. Add a pair of wooly tights (cables are the cool-weather champions here) and you can cozy up even the breeziest print. If you want to keep the look extra autumnal, look for warm jewel tones or deep dark blues, and consider heavier fabrics, like corduroy. As always, the real joy of these dresses is in the details. Ladylike collars and cute pockets are a sweet nod to your prim schoolgirl side, and a bit of embroidery adds some rustic charm.


Maybe the ultimate autumn accessory. They were everywhere on the runways this season, and it’s hard not to fall in love. Beanies are the wooly accessory of the moment, and go with everything. (Literally everything.) On the fancy end of the scale, you can reference any of the vintage trends still going strong. A 1920s-inspired cloche is cozy and classic, a felt bowler lends a mod style to just about any outfit, and floppy knits bring out the best of grunge-chic, all while keeping your brain toasty warm and ready to work.


It’s the thinking-girl’s tartan. A classic fabric but a bit more unexpected than the usual suspects. (Plaid and tweed.) It comes in a thousand different sizes and colors, and it’s incredibly versatile and easy to wear. In traditional black and white or brown and tan, it works as a neutral, but you can give the look some contemporary flare by choosing a bold colored version. Search for houndstooth dresses, shirts, and skirts for a big dose, or go for subtle touches in accessories like scarves, socks, or even jewelry. You can punch up the vintage style quotient by pairing this print with old-school touches: oxfords and a leather satchel are a given.

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Settling into your classes and striking up those friendships that will last a lifetime may be the most important part of going back to school, but getting dressed to do it is certainly the most fun. Remember how we used to re-invent ourselves every new school year? By now, you know your own style, but incorporating a few of these trends might add a fresh edge to you school fashion routine.


  1. Oh, I just love those floral and houndstooth dresses! The bowler paired with the lace collar dress is darling, as well ♥

  2. I want all the hats and houndstooth lately! Wide brimmed hats and a houndstooth coat, to be precise.

    xo Ashley

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