Monday, November 25, 2013

Edward McKay Used Books & More - Raleigh

This weekend, I went with some of my fellow English graduate students to what ended up being a mystical land of awesome book-ery. It likely sounds cliché for an English major to wax poetic about a bookstore, but this one really was amazing. Never have I seen such a great selection of used poetry and everything was very reasonably priced, even on a grad student's budget. We lit-nerds stuck mostly to the bookshelves, but there's also a formidable section of music, games, and movies, as well as various nick-knacks (AND CHRISTMAS BUNDLES!!). I think I may have found my go-to bookstore here! Now if only I had money to spend... ;)


  1. awesome photos! I wish Ottawa's library was as cozy....our is kind of industrial and new. I can spend 5 years in chapters though (I have the same no-money-to-spend problem, though....ha).

    1. thank you so much! :) bookstores are so fun to lose yourself in, I could stay on the floor reading for hours

  2. What great pictures and what kind words. Thanks so much for this blog post. You have made our day!

    1. Thank you so much for your wonderful store! So glad to hear you liked it! :D


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