Wednesday, November 27, 2013

gobble gobble: pre-thanksgiving karmaloop sale!

This week is one of the biggest shopping weeks of the year. Anyone who's worked in retail knows well the reality of hordes of crazed shoppers come Black Friday morning (I certainly remember well!). And while some of you young whipper-snappers might not remember a time Pre-Internet, Cyber Monday has caught on within the past 10 years or so as lazy shoppers such as myself enjoy making sale purchases from the comfort of our jammies. I prefer this method, and not merely due to my reluctance towards getting dressed during holiday weekends; I really do believe in spending time with your family, and allowing others to spend time with theirs. If I had it my way, shops would be closed Thanksgiving weekend, but as I am not currently Czar of Shopping, I will have to settle with simply recommending to folks that they shop online if they're planning to shop major retailers this holiday weekend.

And in an effort to do that, all you savvy shoppers, I've collected for the week some sales you should be aware of, all that you can access from the comfort of your couch! (Next to your uncle passed out and drooling thanks to turkey's tryptophan.) Even before the weekend's gotten started, there's a major sale to check out at Karmaloop. Until this Friday, the 29th, there's free shipping over $50 and pretty awesome savings―$25 off orders over $75, $50 off orders over $150, and $100 off orders over $300 when you use the code PREGAME13. If you're hoping to do a little Christmas shopping (for others or yourself, I won't judge!) while the turkey's in the oven, you might want to check it out! :) I've posted some of my favorites below for you folks in a rush. Happy shopping! :)

Under $50:

Great Finds:

For the Fellas:

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