Friday, November 29, 2013

what I wore: Thansgiving

I didn't get an opportunity to take a real outfit photo because, for the first time in Chatti Thanksgiving history, I was actually helping in the kitchen! I think this is a sign that I have become An Adult. I even whipped up a cake for Henrik's mother, as it's her birthday today! I mean, basically I've turned into a culinary goddess; wife material, amiright?

Thanksgiving pretty much means it's officially Christmastime and I didn't even have to leave the house once, which meant I could dress festively AND wear tights without freezing my tuckus off. I am very much a fan of holiday fabrics and was thrilled to have an opportunity to wear both gold sequins and wine-red velvet. God bless you, holiday season. I think I will live in velvet and shiny things until January. Hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving (or Thursday, for you non-Americans! ;) ).

red velvet dress: Sway Chic (similar)
sequin blouse: vintage (similar)
black polka dot tights: American Apparel
black patent shoes: American Apparel

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