Saturday, July 20, 2013

road trip: san diego, day 2

On our way out of San Diego, we stopped in Balboa Park. Sita had recommended it, saying it was beautiful with lots to do, and boy was she right! Balboa Park is enormous and filled with things to busy yourself with. Henrik and I were bummed we only had a few hours to look around, but we are so glad we made it there at all! We walked around these tiny cottages based on homes around the world, and then took a long walk around the grounds. If you're in San Diego, check this out! And go to the museums; we didn't have time, but they looked awesome.

shorts: american apparel ~ crop turtleneck: american apparel ~ belt: thrifted
shoes: urban outfitters ~ glasses: firmoo ~ american flag scarf-as-hair tie: thrifted

Friday, July 19, 2013

roadtrip: san diego

dress: forever 21 ~ shoes: urban outfitters ~ camera bag: thrifted

San Diego! Our second stop of the trip. :) As you can tell, we took a visit to the zoo! I'd heard so much about the zoo that I had to go. It was a good day for it⎯gray and a little cloudy, so it wasn't too hot looking around and the animals actually ventured out! The zoo was huge, and we actually didn't make it to every exhibit before we left (our tummies were grumbling something fierce). My favorite part was probably riding the AirTram over the park and seeing all the exhibits from above. I also, surprisingly, greatly enjoyed the reptile exhibits! I'm not usually one for things with scales, but there were some really interesting lizards and snakes on display. They even had a two-headed snake⎯creepy! 

Anyways, after the zoo, we ventured to Little Italy for a late lunch before meeting my good friend, Sita, for a nice walk around Coronado. Sita and I went to high school together and she is brilliant! So brilliant, in fact, that she scored an awesome internship in San Diego for the summer, and so had a place in the city for us to crash in. :) It was so great seeing her! It's crazy how fast the years fly by.

home and hungry

I am back in Michigan, meaning my nearly 3-week long road trip is now over. I have so many photos to post and stories to tell that I will be kept busy for a very long time, but before I get to it, I wanted to talk about the most recent event in my life!

It's Ramadan!

That's right, it's the holy month of the fast. I don't usually talk religion on here, but I thought I'd give an insider's scoop on the deetz behind this often talked-about, but rarely understood, holiday. (Holi-month?) These are some of the questions I'm most often asked. If you've ever been curious, read on.

Saturday, July 6, 2013

roadtrip: santa cruz

strawberry dress: thrifted ~ shoes: urban outfitters ~ sunglasses: urban outfitters

Photos from the first stop of my trip: Santa Cruz! Santa Cruz is one of my favorite places. The weather is beautiful, the people are friendly, and you drive through some magical woods to get there. I definitely recommend visiting the boardwalk (of course!) and the beach while in town. Monterey is right across the bay as well, and that's a lot of fun. If you haven't been to Santa Cruz, go go go! Our good friend, Karl, lives there and we're so glad; it gives us a reason to visit over and over again in the future. :)

In other news, I have been non-stop traveling and only now, in a middle-of-nowhere hotel in New Mexico, am I able to finally post on here. :) So many adventures so far! I can't wait to share more pictures. If you want to keep up with my travels in real-time, feel free to check out my Instagram. More soon!


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