Saturday, August 31, 2013

back again

Not dead. I haven't been here in a while, and what a hectic "while" it's been! Some of you may remember that I was moving to North Carolina for graduate school. I am indeed in Raleigh, and I have completed two weeks of my Masters of Fine Arts program thus far! Look at me go! Life has consisted of poetry readings, reading of poems, and writing lots of garbage but also the occasional gem. I have also finally got Internet in my apartment (much appreciated), figured out how to ride the buses, and have managed to be fairly social. And now, tomorrow is September, and things are getting a little calmer.

Now that I'm in school as a student as opposed to a teacher, I have oodles of free time! I've been spending it productively thus far, like exercising and cooking nice meals for once, but what's been missing is some blogging. I'm looking forward to being able to get online for funsies more than ever before! ;) 

I hope you all are having a nice winding down of summer. I had a really fantastic time this summer break (and I'll still be posting pictures from my roadtrip, watch out for them!), but I am definitely ready for fall. September, let's do this!

Thursday, August 8, 2013

road trip: las vegas

Our first time in Vegas! We had no idea what to expect upon arrival. To get there, we ventured through what felt like endless desert, and at one point had a scary moment where the car's check engine light came on. (Stranded in the desert? No thank you!) When we eventually pulled into Las Vegas, it was like another world. Everything there is so big and extravagant. There was a roller coaster going through a building, a replica of the Eiffel Tower, huge flashing signs, and buildings that glistened with their many windows in the Nevada setting sun. Through some travel magic, I somehow managed to get our very-cheap-selves a room at Caesars Palace. That pool is incredible, let me tell you. Being there for the Fourth of July was perhaps a particularly magical time to go, but I can say without a doubt that those few days in Vegas felt out of this world!

And what I wore for the festivities:

dress: dolce vita ~ jacket: bebe ~ shoes: jeffrey campbell

Sunday, August 4, 2013

yellow, and other things

If you're following me on Instagram, you already know, but those who aren't⎯surprise! I'm blonde! (Sorta.) This hair change came actually as an accident, as have most of the alterations to my locks (whoops!). I was accompanying my friend to get her hair dyed blonde, and decided I would sit down in a chair and get "the tips" of my hair dyed too. THE TIPS. As you can see, they had a very liberal definition of "tips." However, after the initial shock, I have to say I've warmed up to it! I guess we'll see if blondes have more fun. ;)

Aside from that, there isn't much change in my life, though there will be some big ones right around the bend. In a week, I will be leaving East Lansing, and in a little more than that, I will be getting settled into my new home in Raleigh. Where did the time go? It seems unreal that I will be starting graduate school in a little over two weeks. Being here, in East Lansing, is a bit like a time-machine. At night I sleep in the same bed I did as a child, surrounded by photographs and drawings from elementary school and posters of long forgotten 90's pop stars. I ride a bike everywhere again, as I am once again without a car. I watch movies with my parents. I laze by the pool at my best friend's house. Grad school seems almost like a distant dream, because I feel like I've been living in some strange version of my younger years. It feels like I should be going school shopping with my mom for 50 cent notebooks and a TI-83 calculator while gossiping with my friends on the landline and swapping our fall schedules.

Is it like that for any of you, when you return to your hometown? As much as I love to travel and go off on my own, I have to admit there's something really comforting about returning to this place. Though I haven't been having high-action days or anything, I'm enjoying my time here. It's relaxing, and I think just what I needed after this crazy year. I'll be sure to keep posting soon, especially with some more photos from my trip, but for now I'm just sort of soaking up the feeling of home before I have to leave again. Thanks for bearing with me!


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