Saturday, November 30, 2013

Thanksgiving at the Chatti House

This Thanksgiving was the first one I've spent with my family since 2010! Though Henrik's mom would fly out to California to celebrate Thanksgiving with us, I really missed having the big, crazy group experience. Henrik comes from a small family―the only child of two only children―but I come from a rambunctious merging of a big Arab family and a big Irish one, and I'm used to there always being bustling and noise. This Thanksgiving was the first time joining Henrik's small family with my much larger one, and it was wonderful! My father's former Ph.D. student, who is also Tunisian, came with her adorable two-year-old Zak, and my sister's boyfriend joined us as well. I really am so thankful that I was able to join my family for Thanksgiving this year. It had been too long since I ate turkey and played Pictionary!

Friday, November 29, 2013

Online Black Friday Sales (and items $25 and under!)

A couple years ago I first learned of the phenomena that is Black Friday. Maybe it was because I was the kid of an immigrant, but I had no idea that Americans would literally set up tents outside their local mega-retailers in order to be in the best position to run down other people at 3 in the morning and score a toaster oven at 30% off.

I have never braved the early morning sales, primarily because I am broke, but also because I hate being cold and I am extraordinarily lazy. Also, I really don't need a toaster oven. I do, however, love to online window shop, and there are some pretty sweet deals available, and you don't even have to run anyone over with a shopping cart! If that's not fantastic, I don't know what is. I've collected for those of you with more than 10 dollars in your checking account some of my fave black items from my fave Black Friday sales. Go forth, dear friends, and shop on!

ASOS: Save 20% site-wide with the code GIMME20
Bonlook: Save up to 50% off on select eyewear, and also get free shipping
BooHoo:  Save 25% off site wide with the code PUMPKINPIE
Karmaloop: Save 15% off orders over $35, 20% off order over $75, 25% off orders over $150, and 40% of orders over $350
Modcloth: Lots of new items at 50% off
Sheinside: Up to 80% off and $10 off order of $100, $20 off order of $200, and $35 off order of $300
Wasteland: Save 15% off your purchase with the code BLKFRIDAY

1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 | 11 | 12 | 13

what I wore: Thansgiving

I didn't get an opportunity to take a real outfit photo because, for the first time in Chatti Thanksgiving history, I was actually helping in the kitchen! I think this is a sign that I have become An Adult. I even whipped up a cake for Henrik's mother, as it's her birthday today! I mean, basically I've turned into a culinary goddess; wife material, amiright?

Thanksgiving pretty much means it's officially Christmastime and I didn't even have to leave the house once, which meant I could dress festively AND wear tights without freezing my tuckus off. I am very much a fan of holiday fabrics and was thrilled to have an opportunity to wear both gold sequins and wine-red velvet. God bless you, holiday season. I think I will live in velvet and shiny things until January. Hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving (or Thursday, for you non-Americans! ;) ).

red velvet dress: Sway Chic (similar)
sequin blouse: vintage (similar)
black polka dot tights: American Apparel
black patent shoes: American Apparel

Thursday, November 28, 2013


thankful for:
+ my health (imperfect as it is, it has not stopped me, and I am blessed to be mostly well!)
+ Henrik (an amazing partner regardless of distance!)
+ my family (kooky and lovable)
+ my friends (near and far, old and new)
+ my cutie-pie, crazy-cat Sylvia
+ free school, my wonderful mentor, and my growth as a poet
+ the peace and joy in my life :)

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

sale #2: modcloth!

I don't know about you guys, but I always look forward to the Modcloth sale. I mean, come on, that site is adorable! I drool over their stuff all the time. Even though I'm low on cash this year, I couldn't help but glance through what they have this year. It's a fantastic sale―tons of new items at 50% off. If you're a cheapo like me, I've accumulated some great finds under 25 bucks, but if you have a little more of a flexible budget, check out the other things available! There are some great steals, my fashion-forward friends. :)

1 2 3 4 5
6 7 8 9 10

And some more options to check out/add to your Christmas list! :)

1 2 3 4
5 6 7 8 9 
10 11 12 13
14 15 16

gobble gobble: pre-thanksgiving karmaloop sale!

This week is one of the biggest shopping weeks of the year. Anyone who's worked in retail knows well the reality of hordes of crazed shoppers come Black Friday morning (I certainly remember well!). And while some of you young whipper-snappers might not remember a time Pre-Internet, Cyber Monday has caught on within the past 10 years or so as lazy shoppers such as myself enjoy making sale purchases from the comfort of our jammies. I prefer this method, and not merely due to my reluctance towards getting dressed during holiday weekends; I really do believe in spending time with your family, and allowing others to spend time with theirs. If I had it my way, shops would be closed Thanksgiving weekend, but as I am not currently Czar of Shopping, I will have to settle with simply recommending to folks that they shop online if they're planning to shop major retailers this holiday weekend.

And in an effort to do that, all you savvy shoppers, I've collected for the week some sales you should be aware of, all that you can access from the comfort of your couch! (Next to your uncle passed out and drooling thanks to turkey's tryptophan.) Even before the weekend's gotten started, there's a major sale to check out at Karmaloop. Until this Friday, the 29th, there's free shipping over $50 and pretty awesome savings―$25 off orders over $75, $50 off orders over $150, and $100 off orders over $300 when you use the code PREGAME13. If you're hoping to do a little Christmas shopping (for others or yourself, I won't judge!) while the turkey's in the oven, you might want to check it out! :) I've posted some of my favorites below for you folks in a rush. Happy shopping! :)

Under $50:

Great Finds:

For the Fellas:

Monday, November 25, 2013

Edward McKay Used Books & More - Raleigh

This weekend, I went with some of my fellow English graduate students to what ended up being a mystical land of awesome book-ery. It likely sounds cliché for an English major to wax poetic about a bookstore, but this one really was amazing. Never have I seen such a great selection of used poetry and everything was very reasonably priced, even on a grad student's budget. We lit-nerds stuck mostly to the bookshelves, but there's also a formidable section of music, games, and movies, as well as various nick-knacks (AND CHRISTMAS BUNDLES!!). I think I may have found my go-to bookstore here! Now if only I had money to spend... ;)


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