Friday, June 20, 2014

23 -> 24

20 days ago, I turned 24. There isn't a big hurrah for this particular birthday, not like the ones on either end of it—21 and 25, markers of freedom and near-adulthood. 24 just sort of fades into the background of birthdays. 23 did, too.

It's been an interesting year, one of real growth and change. All this life-living has kept me away from posting on here as much, and for that I apologize. It seems I'm still trying to strike the perfect balance of living the life I want and taking the time to pause and reflect and share.

One of the things I started last year was a project to document the little beauties in my daily life. I take photos all the time, and I write about some of my darker demons, but these are snapshots from one very specific point of view and are colored by how I see and shape my perception of my life. I wanted to do something a little different, something that forced me to appreciate every day of my life for what it is—a day that is mine.

To do this, I set out to record a second of each day of my 23rd year of life. This way, I would not leave anything out. Not the unglamorous boredom, not my messy finals-are-coming-soon room, not the mundane monotonous life that takes place in between the adventures I share on here. I wanted the whole picture. So here it is, what it looked like for me to be 23 years old.

23 from Leila C on Vimeo.

What am I hoping to do different for 24? I'm not sure yet. Sometimes I feel overwhelmed by the number of goals I set out for myself, so for now, this summer, I'm just going to do what I can. Read more, write more, learn new things, get a little dirty outside more often. Cook. Travel. Exercise. Those kinds of things. :) I will also try to be better about balancing the things that matter to me. Really, I'll just try to be better. I'll take each day as it comes.

Saturday, June 7, 2014

current travels: san francisco

Hi from sunny San Francisco! It's been a hectic couple weeks as usual, including the move from North Carolina up to Michigan for the summer, my brother's high school graduation, and my 24th birthday! I'm currently back in the Bay for my former students' graduation, but I was also just terribly homesick for California. ;) Elissa lives in the city, so I've crashed with her and have spent my days exploring while she works (at Pixar!). The weather has been behaving itself, so I'm having a pretty fantastic time, sore legs aside from all this walkin'.

Today we went to a street fair and I bought pretty much all of the jewelry possible. Oops. What can I say, though? Too many beautiful things. A random passerby referred to Elissa and I as 'salt and pepper' which was fairly amusing, and we munched on free samples while moseying through the shop stalls. All in all, a very relaxing Saturday. :)

Oh and ps., my hair's pink. Almost-quarter-life-crisis ~holla~

tank top: American Apparel | shorts: American Apparel | denim jacket: Levi's
boots: Doc Martens | belt: vintage | bag: vintage | jewelry: vintage

dress: Urban Outfitters | belt: vintage | shoes: Miista | jewelry: thrifted


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