Wednesday, September 3, 2014

back from hiatus

Look who's back. :)

It has been quite a summer, about which I will be posting shortly. It feels like ages since I have been on here, but I assure you I've used my time wisely (or at least enjoyably), and also that I should be posting more frequently now that school is back in session. It is my last year of graduate school, which means I am teaching (undergraduates!) and working on my thesis. I'm sure I'll be looking for the sort of pleasant distraction this blog brings. ;) I just wanted to post saying hello, I'm alive, and look for summer photos and regular outfit posts again in the coming week.

Before I run off, I have a quick bit of exciting poetry news! I began submitting work in April (very anxiously, mind you), and I have two publications out now in the world. The most recent poem is in Rattle's "Poets of Faith" issue, and the other can be found in the August issue of decomp! It is my hope to only increase the amount of work I send out over the next year as I prepare my polished poems for my thesis. So, if you're into poetry and/or literature, feel free to check those out, and keep an eye out for hopefully more publications in the future!


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