Wednesday, May 13, 2015

end of it

I'm alive, and what a semester it's been.


It's unreal to me how much can squeeze into just three months. I feel a little dizzy on the other side of it, like I'd been swimming laps as fast as I could and hadn't come up for air, and now I have, and everything's bright and shining and spinning. Anyways, yeah, a few days ago I graduated with my MFA in poetry from North Carolina State University (yay!). I have tons and tons and tons of pictures, and many more stories, of what I've been up to, but I think I'll just stick with the pictures. They're supposed to say a thousand words, right? I'll let them talk for me. 

Here are some film snapshots from my running around with the best people (and poets) around:


  1. So glad you're back and alive and kicking, and with tons of awesome photos! What have you been up to these passed three months? I'm dying to hear and can't wait for more of your awesome posts from now on ^_^ Hope you stay for good this time!

    1. Thank you so much! So sorry I've been awful at posting--every time I want to get on and write/post some pictures, I find myself getting distracted by something and lose my train of thought completely! But I've been busy! :) I published a few poems, finished my MFA (so defended my thesis, finished teaching my poetry courses), and more recently I took a number of trips--I went to Universal Studios for my birthday, some writing workshops, and bopped around North Carolina, Michigan, and then Montreal and Tunisia. So a lot new! I'll be trying to post more frequently once I'm in France and more settled. I hope all is well with you!


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