Wednesday, August 5, 2015

send me on my way

Hi, alive, and busy! Realistically, I will continue to be busy until my move to France in two weeks. (yep, I'm going to be living in the south of France for a few months, that's news!) Since I last posted, I've been hopping around―writing conferences at the Kenyon Review in Ohio and Quest in Vancouver, BC, my cousin's wedding in Montreal, and now Tunisia with my family―and I'm writing and reading like crazy. I've been wrangling poems together for my first book, which has taken pretty much all of my attention. 


I'll be living in tiny Saint-Martin for the next three months, and I will surely be posting more frequently as I document our life in the village! I don't know how wicked awesome my outfits are about to be (spoiler: I packed almost only black, white, and denim items, and half the suitcase is taken up by books), but there will be lots of European mini-adventures and cooking and painting and pictures. 

So, until then, some film photographs from my last hurrah in Raleigh before my move, and a couple from Michigan (and Ohio and Florida and Vancouver) too. I'm already missing everyone back home.


Comments make my day⎯really! I love reading what you have to say. Hope to hear from you. :)



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